Case Study

Odour control system installed at The Blue Boat, a Fuller's pub in Fulham Reach.

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Design and Implementing at The Blue Boat

A recent addition to the Fuller's estate is The Blue Boat on Fulham Reach. Situated right on the banks of the River Thames, the pub has a large, south-facing terrace with views towards Hammersmith Bridge and Harrods Furniture Depository.

Extechnology were engaged by Fuller's from the design stage of this project and are proud to have contributed to its successful completion just in time for the busy summer season.

The Blue Boat

The Problem

The Blue Boat started life as a concrete shell with no option to discharge the extracted air at high level. The only root for the kitchen extract was out through the front of the building, at low level, down onto the guests' seating area. The Blue Boat is also surrounded by residential apartments and the eventual point of extract was less than one meter from a neighbouring balcony. An extremely high level of odour control was required to ensure no nuisance was caused to either the guests or neighbours.

The Solution

The odour control system installed at “The Blue Boat” comprised of the following:

The system at The Blue Boat is being maintained on a monthly basis and the performance is meeting expectations achieving a exceptionally high level of odour control.


The Blue Boat is an inspiring space, not just for dining but also for enjoying a drink with fantastic river views. Extechnology have helped us to ensure that our guests and neighbours get to enjoy it.